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  • Story of Christianity: Volume 1, The: The Early Church to the Dawn of the Reformation

    "The Story of Christianity, Volume 1, is an informative, interesting, and consistently readable narrative history. It brings alive the people, dramatic events, and ideas that shaped the first fifteen centuries of Europe, such as the Spanish and Portuguese conquest of the New World. Historian Justo Gonzalez shows how various social, political, and economic movements affected Christianity's internal growth... The Story of Christianity will serve as a fascinating introduction to the panoramic history of Christianity for students and teachers of church history, for pastors, and for general readers." — Amazon More »

  • The Story of Christianity: Volume 2: The Reformation to the Present Day

    Beginning with the Protestant Reformation of the sixteenth century, this second volume of The Story of Christianity continues narrative history to the present. Historian Justo Gonzalez brings to life the people, dramatic events, and shaping ideas of Protestantism, Catholicism, and Orthodoxy during this period, keynoting crucial theological developments while providing fresh understanding of the social, political, and economic forces that influenced the formation of the church. In particular, the author notes recurring themes of unrest, rebellion, and reformation. — Amazon More »

  • Rise of Christianity

    "A history of early Christianity like this one comes along only once in a generation. Only by reading this book can one appreciate how vast and disciplined is its scholarship, how thoughtful, how thoughtful its attention to both large historical currents and the little people and details that form the bed, and force the eddying, of history's great stream." — B&N More »

  • The Christian Tradition

    "In this five-volume opus—now available in its entirety in paperback—Pelikan traces the development of Christian doctrine from the first century to the twentieth." — Amazon More »

New Testament History Books
  • New Testament History

    "The first third of the book recounts the Roman and Jewish context, then fifty pages survey the lives of John and Jesus, and the last half is a history of the first two generations of the church. The best available treatment by an evangelical."—Christianity Today. More »

  • The Jesus Quest: The Third Search for the Jew of Nazareth

    Ben Witherington offers the first comprehensive determination and assessment of what scholars are really saying about Jesus. He presents and interacts with the work of important scholars and outlines his own understanding of Jesus as sage. An indispensable survey and assessment of the most significant religious scholarly debate of the 1990s. More »

  • Cynic Sage Or Son Of God

    Cynic Sage Or Son Of God In this extremely readable book, Boyd sets out to expose and critique certain modern theories of New Testament scholarship that argue for an historical Jesus who is more like a Greco-Roman, wandering, Cynic sage than the Jewish, messianic Son of Man that the Bible portrays. Read full review »

  • Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels

    The editors offer over two hundred articles covering key events in Jesus' life and ministry, methods of interpreting the Gospels and much more. More »

  • Paul Apostle of the Heart Set Free

    "Hailed by Theology Today as 'F.F. Bruce's magnum opus,' this splendid biography uses history, archaeology, and the biblical text to focus primarily on the apostle's life. Bruce also examines the main themes in Pauline thought, set in their historical background and illustrated from his letters." — More »

  • Paul The Apostle

    This biography of the Apostle Paul is valuable as both a college text and personal study tool. Additional reading lists and side-bars on pertinent topics make this one of the most useful studies of Paul available. More »

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